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How to discover

your pure heart?

 Free the mind ~ a journey back to Self through the forest of webs and shadows

When caught by negative thoughts or emotions,
cultivating the opposite voice will promote firmness.  
Over time, through consistent practice,
unwholesome tendencies are gradually destroyed,
resulting in liberation from misery and ignorance ~ Patanjali

The way Bhakti works is you just love until you and the Beloved Become One ~the practices eliminate haunting thoughts, stabilize emotional imbalances, and  counter phobias/depressions that emerge when all the dysfunction comes to the surface.……defended thinking softens as we embody our connection to The Divine.
Be vigilant, sincere and fierce

The deepest kindness we can offer each other is to Awaken. 

Devoted ~ Rose Ma

Private Sessions ~ Satsang with Rose Ma

 Are you called to sit close in, to discover Stillness, to meet That which is Unchanging?  Are you called to strengthen your relationship with the inner Self, to develop your personal practices, to open to the secrets of the sutras and listen deeply to what makes your heart sing ?…. I invite you to sit with me, take time to steep in the wisdom teachings of the ancient sutras as well as direct experience….open your heart to the tantric lessons of the ancient sages……Please email to arrange a time to meet at The Butterfly or by phone.

Note***Since the glorious Guru Purnima moon at the end of July, I have been on an amazing journey …..a fall landed me in emergency surgery to repair fractures to both legs ……the Grace that continues to unfold is informing every step of the way….this “event” has afforded an opportunity to deepen beyond measure as well as to integrate an expansion that is seemingly Boundless…..while recovery and convalescence continues, it is presenting that now is the time to begin to hold sessions in a limited capacity.

During December and into January, we may sit together by phone, if you are called to book a session, email me for available dates and times



Continuing Seva to support The Unschool programs and wisdom teachings 


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September/October at

the Bhakti Butterfly House !

SATSANG every Friday and Sunday

7:00-8:30 pm, (Suggested seva for each Satsang is $15 - $50)

Sundays ~ Secrets of the Chalisa

Offering the Hanuman Chalisa, meditations, & wisdom teachings, followed by tea, prasad & the opportunity for seva in the house or gardens.


Offering meditation and wisdom teachings

KIRTAN on the last Friday of the month ( 9/27, 10/25)

MOVIE NIGHT on the First Friday of the month:

***October Movie Night suspended.


September 28th ~ Women's Sacred Circle , 1-3 pm (details to be announced) (click here for details)

September 28th ~ Kitan with Ragani at Mountain Shala 6:30 pm 
(click here for details).


October 19th  - Join  John de Kadt and Rose Ma for an evening of DrumStory & Satsang; 4pm (click here for more details)

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If you are interested in the permaculture project and swale building send an email to discover the ongoing dates and times of SUMMER GARDEN SEVA. ~The Unschool Satsang is now listed on, join now to connect with our growing community of beloveds and check out the schedule.  ( f, note from Stephanie ~"This is the link generated by the site… apparently all you need to do is right-click and open it! I believe that people who don’t have accounts will be able to see it, but they need to make an account with the website to officially join.")


Bring a book/take a book~ a BOOK EXCHANGE Basket is in the main hall. Check it out.

New Offering ~

Answering a Call

for Ancestor Satsangs

The wisdom keepers of our lineages are longing to share vibrant heart communications to support Awakening Consciousness. Small group satsangs are organizing for those who wish to open to quantum conversations with ancestors beyond the veils.
Are you interested in attending a small group reading session to honor the ancestors?

These dates are currently available with limited seating

October 7th 4-6pm
October 21st 6-8pm

A seva donation ($108 - $150 suggested) is required one week prior to the satsang you plan to attend~ this will confirm your seat, note your commitment and begin to call your ancestors to the circle.

Please email to arrange your seat and receive further details

Namah Shivaya ~ Rose Ma



Love in Action

 For  more information,to schedule

an appointment and/or for location

please contact us by email:

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