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Annapurna's Kitchen Community Garden is supported entirely through Seva…..contributions of time, talent, space, produce, goods/non-perishables and financial donations. The UnSchool of Yoga, a non-profit organization, sponsors and provides space for a flourishing garden tended by satsang community members. Produce is shared with garden tenders as well as the larger community.




    Welcoming the rhythms and grace of Spring! The root babies are waking up and Annapurna's Kitchen Community Garden is whispering it's potential. Gardening brings us into the lap of MA in earthy engagements with What IS Real....each season there are new surprises and gifts, first hand teachings of abundance as well as impermanence. Tending the Mother in this seva invokes a close relationship with the moment and invites us into process with life's messy, unpredictable, joyful unfoldings. Time in the dirt ultimately equals vegetables, herbs and flowers for your table as well as an offering to the needs of our larger community. We have much promise and a very generous donation from Baker Creek Heirloom seeds to begin the season.

   Garden planting days are planned and a full schedule for tending is arranging, it’s helpful if you can bring your own gloves and tools. Please RSVP to Ray, 

                                                                              Jai Annapurna Swaha ! Rose Ma


Annapurna Devi

giver of food & nourishment

Annapurna Devi, is the Goddess of food. In this incarnation she nourishes all living beings—which explains that even Moksha (salvation) is not possible on an empty stomach. In Sanskrit Language the word ‘Anna’ means food and grains and ‘Purna’ means full or complete. It is believed that Annapurna Devi is a true Mother—thus she provides us life-giving food, and she also nourishes our soul!

"BUKTI-MUKTI Pradayini! "

"The connections we create, as we are called together in community, deepen our passions and nourish our spirits."

"Kitchen Wish List"

Our ever evolving and expanding "Kitchen" is always in need of items that you may have and/or wish to donate. Click anywhere in this box for our list and more information.

Annapurna's Kitchen Community Garden~ Sunday April 8, 10:00am - 3:00pm, planning and plantings are beginning !

please contact Ray to get more info or hear how you can participate on our community garden. 


Common Root Farm CSA ~ Ryanji and Erica have opened CSA memberships for Frederick and will arrange drop offs on Fridays, Times TBD. If you are interested in a share or have questions contact them at


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